The magic

The magic

This is with the review of book, written by Rhonda Byrne “The Magic” published 2012 and which have 253 pages and Rhonda Byrne started her journey with a film whose name is “The Secret” which viewed by millions across the planet. Also she wrote a book the secret or rather the magic this is available in 47 languages and over 20 million copies and print. Despite of this, she continued her work with the power in 2010. This book is available in New York in 43 languages.

In this book the writer is saying about the magic of gratitude and also she is saying that there is a big secret in your life. But you must go on that which appears many unjust and when you what is that secret then a new world will be open for you. Because always be thankful to others and yourself. Coz there is a law and there is a discipline and also there is a saying “Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance, whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she will be taken from him or her”. And also Newton’s present a law which was about motion he said whatever gave the more you will receive more, Lao Tzu said, “If you saved in the way things are, the all world will belong to you”. And also the writer was saying that also I was not happy and I never got time to enjoy but he did many things and he always tried to gratitude every one and slowly, slowly his life became changed and he always got time to enjoy and tried to make himself a happier person in this world then he became successful due to the magic of gratitude.

Beside of this, no matter who are you? No matter where are you? No matter what are your circumstance just remember one thing in your life that is magic of gratitude. Which can change your life, and it can saved the broken relationship, it can gave you many ways to do that things in your life which you wanted to do whatever you missed before you can do theme if you will practice the magic of gratitude, and it is clear fact that if you are not happy today mean you stop to have a better health, a relationship, best job and many move without gratitude you lose yourself from the magic and receiving everything in your life. Because knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key of success.

Ancient myths and legends said, that if you need everything then always say thank you. Because it is very much important in your life. And if you will increase your magic of gratitude as soon then your life will be change very soon. And there are 28 magical practices if you will do them then your life will be change completely and you must make your habits to practices gratitude that how it work in my life firstly you must use twelve practices for magical power of gratitude that now you have what in past you received what, if you will do there than ten practices you must use for your, desires, dreams and everything you want. If you will complete these ten practices then you will be able to full fill your all things what you want in your life.

Lastly six practices use the magical power of gratitude that you will get how to use magic of gratitude to help others people and how to take out the negative things in the life and how to solve the problems in your life the writer is saying that if you will not complete the magical practices in 28 days then you must choose one thing in one week but you must do practice then changes will come in your life. Beside of all, after 28 days if you completed the practices then think that what are your need. Firstly you must increase your money, health, then go to think about your dreams that who am I? What I want to do in my life and you are ready want to do these you must think about all things which you want to do, likely passing in exams, getting a good degree, being successful, a doctor, a writer, an actor whatever you want to be, then make a list start writing your big dreams and small things whatever you want write down them if you will get completely sure that really you want these things then you get a way to use the magical power of gratitude to change your life.

Further, if you are doing a work in your job them you must count your blessing if you will not count the blessing then you can fall down coz if you are working in a job should not count those thing which you don’t have. Because due to these negative things you can fall down or if you are making a list for then blessing it’s mean you are grateful, but you must think that why you’re grateful. And what is reason of it that I am happy you must find these, after completing then ten blessing then sat the magic world “Thank you” then you feel more to do other ten to put in list to do every 27 days you can but these will be difficult for you but you will do them then gave thanks for everything likely, be thankful for your family, friends, works, water which you are drinking, the food which you’re eating, the air which you are breathing, everything are have you must be thankful the skies, trees, the animals, flowers and also the earth which you live and you can thankful to your senses, mean eyes which see the hair which you heard, the nose which smells, the mouth which you talks, the voice which you communicate others, the hand which help you to do everything in your life. If you use the magical power as more you will be grateful and happier and your life will be change fast. And “Lee Brewer, said, about a father and a son who used the gratitude rock to be grateful and they became successful.

Firstly you must find a magic rock and put it inside you. When you go to sleep then put this rock in your hand and think for these thing which happen in a day and which was good then say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” and you must practice this in 26 days and also you must read the tomorrow things today. A count of this, you have to make your relationship very much good and also you must make your life meaningful and purpose and if you will practice the gratitude as much then your relationship will be that much good as you wanted then you will get a magical relationship. Despit of this, and also you must be grateful for your health coz health is a precious gift life and you must continue your receiving things in your life and you must be grateful to receive more things for your health. When you will go to sleeping then say the magic word “thank you” and feel as much grateful for your health as you can.

These is example, means two persons are there they started their works in the same time but one got a greater success and second one got a little success. No matter they work hard but the magic gratitude is important to be in your job or works and also you must be grateful for your work. If you will be grateful for you work then customers will be grateful to your and work will go very fast and the writer is saying that if it is a relationship problems or a lack of health or there are many problems for your job these things are being done because of lack of gratitude in your life, coz your talking those thing in everyday but not giving anything in daily.

Due to these negative things or situation your good things are being lost coz you have to be grateful for everything. If it is your job, relationship or if it is a negative situation you must be grateful then you will be successful and you will be out of negatively. After these if we see in this world many people did mistakes but they quit but if a human should not do mistakes then that is not a human but going mistakes is not good but that mistakes is good due to which you will learn many things from that mistakes and no matter how bad that mistakes is but you must be grateful for your mistakes coz mistakes attract more mistakes, and blessings attract more blessing but you must be grateful for them lastly, writer said a saying, “Who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

Really I am agree to the point of the writer that she wrote a good book which can change our life. Which can make our those dreams which we needed before and it is my suggestion to whole public that they must read this book. Coz it is very much important for every one and if they read it then it is my promise that she or he will be successful in this world and they must read it as soon as they can.

By Zubida Dr. Bahram

Balochistan Pakistan

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