Saturday, December 16, 2017
Suicide death
Poverty in Pakistan
Nature and Human beings

Nature and Human beings

Human beings have been deriving benefits from nature to fulfill their needs all of the things which are seen on the earth are just...
Pakistani Cricketer Team

Pakistan Cricket Team

My eyes get full of excitement, my brain gets full of astonishment, my heart gets full of amusement that other countries cricketers are willing...
The secret of success

The secret of success

According to Oxford English dictionary “success” the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is the highest degree of happiness to me, the most...
Unregistered factories

Unregistered factories

Mainly, it is most analyzed that the largely ratio of morbidities’ and mortalities are existed in Pakistan, and according to reports at least each...
Children Rights

Children Rights

It is well known fact that children are the sun light of any country and it is the responsibility of every state to protect...

Tragedy of Parachinar

If we get the annuals of history flip, we would get a lot of circumstances require to be sorted out. But owing to number...
media ascendancy

Media Is It Ascendancy

Firstly, I must say to something regard media that what itself is? Media is tern which is derived from medium, which means carrier or...


Forest play on important role in the development of a country. They are considering as natural resources. According to the experts, forests should cover...
Doctors need protection

Doctors Need Protection

It goes without saying that the doctor's profession is considered the most prestigious, noble and respected profession in the universe. Not only by the...
Viciousness on women

Viciousness On Women

Domestic violence seems to be the worst quagmire of crimes of society where women rights are violated. Domestic violence affects the lives of people...

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Studies Poem

Studies Poem

Give importance time to studies, For education is your buddy. Why? Because when you study history, You will know about many past stories. You can study geography biology, Studies...
My Mother

My Mother

My mother is best among mothers She is the greatest among others Whenever she is near Then I have no fear Due to her my family gets gather May...
Stop cutting trees

Stop Cutting Trees

Trees are our best friends. The cutting trees have an adverse effect on the earth atmosphere. Cutting trees has been a massive issue now...