Sunday, December 17, 2017
Suicide death
Poverty in Pakistan
politics corruption

Politicians Are Involved In Corruption

Corruption has never been a famous word in the world but at present the politics and economics have absorbed corruption so easily and yet...
Muslim scientists

Muslims And Science

Undoubtedly, this reality may never be hidden that, firstly, science was discovered by Muslims scientists.                  ...
Beauty of colors

Beauty Of Colors

Colors are the bewitching cue of the nature. Without colors of course no one imagine the beauty of this elegant nature. Colors are the...
Agriculture the source of development in economy

Agriculture The Source Of Development In Economy

Pakistan is among those developing countries whose economy largely depends on the agriculture sector having the highest contribution towards the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)....
No family counseling in Pakistan

No Family Counseling In Pakistan

Proper family planning is the actual need of any country for its economic stability and use of power, curbing overcrowding. As the high rate...
Abysmal state of primary school

Abysmal State Of Primary School

Abysmal state of primary school, it is heart-wrenching to point out that the circumstances of primary schools in Baluchistan is grim. There is no...
Poverty in Balochistan

Poverty In Balochistan

Balochistan is a province of Pakistan which is blessed with four seasons and its land is enriched with natural resources and minerals which is...
Personality development

Personality Development

Personality is the commercial characteristics of man .a man is the slave of nature and nature indulges in a man's personality .personality is the reflection...
How to develop the interest in reading

How To Develop The Interest In Reading

Study is one of the most critical element for a student to be mentally developed and it becomes very much interesting when someone pays...
Shortage of Water

Shortage Of Water In Turbat City

On a hot sunny day, Resident of Turbat city are looking towards the sky with red tears. The fact is not hidden from anyone...

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Studies Poem

Studies Poem

Give importance time to studies, For education is your buddy. Why? Because when you study history, You will know about many past stories. You can study geography biology, Studies...
My Mother

My Mother

My mother is best among mothers She is the greatest among others Whenever she is near Then I have no fear Due to her my family gets gather May...
Stop cutting trees

Stop Cutting Trees

Trees are our best friends. The cutting trees have an adverse effect on the earth atmosphere. Cutting trees has been a massive issue now...