Sunday, January 14, 2018
Poverty in Balochistan

Poverty In Balochistan

Balochistan is a province of Pakistan which is blessed with four seasons and its land is enriched with natural resources and minerals which is...
Personality development

Personality Development

Personality is the commercial characteristics of man .a man is the slave of nature and nature indulges in a man's personality .personality is the reflection...
How to develop the interest in reading

How To Develop The Interest In Reading

Study is one of the most critical element for a student to be mentally developed and it becomes very much interesting when someone pays...
Shortage of Water

Shortage Of Water In Turbat City

On a hot sunny day, Resident of Turbat city are looking towards the sky with red tears. The fact is not hidden from anyone...
how Child Labor Ended (education)

Child Labor

Truth is hard to be accepted but nobody can deny the reality that several countries in the world are still unsuccessful owing to some...
Qatar A Supporter Of Terrorism

Qatar A Supporter Of Terrorism

Qatar is supporting ISIS and al Qaeda which are two terrorist groups and due to which Arab world’s most powerful states, UAE, Egypt, and...

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Failure The Corner To Success

Failure The Corner To Success

Everyone is running behind success, success, success but on the way when hardships are seen so they do quit. I had observed most among...
Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking

According to the U.S Surgeon General's report, ninety percent of people become smokers and drinkers by the age of eighteen. I have noticed that...
Shortage of Well Qualified Teachers

Shortage of Well Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the most important people for the society in every sector. They give guidelines to the student for their coming future as well...