Friday, March 2, 2018
Value of Time
Unemployment in Balochistan

Tragedy of Parachinar

If we get the annuals of history flip, we would get a lot of circumstances require to be sorted out. But owing to number...
media ascendancy

Media Is It Ascendancy

Firstly, I must say to something regard media that what itself is? Media is tern which is derived from medium, which means carrier or...


Forest play on important role in the development of a country. They are considering as natural resources. According to the experts, forests should cover...
Doctors need protection

Doctors Need Protection

It goes without saying that the doctor's profession is considered the most prestigious, noble and respected profession in the universe. Not only by the...
Viciousness on women

Viciousness On Women

Domestic violence seems to be the worst quagmire of crimes of society where women rights are violated. Domestic violence affects the lives of people...
politics corruption

Politicians Are Involved In Corruption

Corruption has never been a famous word in the world but at present the politics and economics have absorbed corruption so easily and yet...
Muslim scientists

Muslims And Science

Undoubtedly, this reality may never be hidden that, firstly, science was discovered by Muslims scientists.                  ...
Beauty of colors

Beauty Of Colors

Colors are the bewitching cue of the nature. Without colors of course no one imagine the beauty of this elegant nature. Colors are the...
Agriculture the source of development in economy

Agriculture The Source Of Development In Economy

Pakistan is among those developing countries whose economy largely depends on the agriculture sector having the highest contribution towards the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)....
No family counseling in Pakistan

No Family Counseling In Pakistan

Proper family planning is the actual need of any country for its economic stability and use of power, curbing overcrowding. As the high rate...

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Child Labour

Child Labour

 Children are the future of any nation to lead the nation towards peace and advancement. It hearts to mentioned that children are working day...
Beauty and the beast Book Review

Beauty and the Beast Book Review

This is the review of the book named “Beauty and the beast.” It is written by Madame le prince de Beaumont. She was born...
Wisdom of King

Wisdom of King

In notion time Afghanistan was a peaceful country. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul was the heart a please for export. That time people...