Sunday, January 14, 2018
Welcome fourteenth August

Welcome Fourteenth August

There is no need to say that fourteenth August 1947 our homeland Pakistan got freedom in fact for this day million people have lost...
The Civil Hospitals in Pakistan

The Civil Hospitals in Pakistan

There is no denying fact that the civil hospital is considered to be a free of cost hospital and government hospital but still they...
Ban of 4g in turbat

Ban Of 4G In Turbat

Recently the companies of software's opened a data which was so fast in Pakistan and given the name of 4G which only 'means' fourth generation....
Acid violence in Pakistan

Acid Violence In Pakistan

It is known fact that, Acid violence is a world-wide phenomenon, which leaves the survivor in permanent agony mostly because of disfigurement of the...
Natural Gas in Pakistan

Natural Gas In Pakistan

Pakistan is very fortunate to have large reserves of natural gas. The search for oil resulted in the discovery of gas in 1952 at...
Physical Torture on Student

Physical Torture on Student

LATTER It  is declared that physical ,emotional and mental torture destroy the creativity of a student ,Contrast in entire Pakistan physical torture is a common...
Excessive use of mobile phone

Excessive Use Of Mobile Phone

Excessive Use Of Mobile Phone There is no more hidden fact that mobile is making us lazy. In fact, the student reading in 5th or...
Substandard Medicine in Balochistan

Substandard Medicine in Balochistan

It is a fact that Balochistan is one of the province of Pakistan but it is hearting to mention that in Balochistan the substandard...
Violence against women

Violence Against Women

Violence against women Even though women constitute an integral part of economic development in today’s competitive age, but unfortunately in Pakistan, women are considered the...
population growth in Pakistan is very deep

Rapid Growth of Population in Pakistan

It is a truth that population is increasing day by day owing to this, there is clashes between family member because of rush. Caused...

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Failure The Corner To Success

Failure The Corner To Success

Everyone is running behind success, success, success but on the way when hardships are seen so they do quit. I had observed most among...
Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking

According to the U.S Surgeon General's report, ninety percent of people become smokers and drinkers by the age of eighteen. I have noticed that...
Shortage of Well Qualified Teachers

Shortage of Well Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the most important people for the society in every sector. They give guidelines to the student for their coming future as well...