Wednesday, February 21, 2018
unemployment in Balochistan.

Unemployment in Balochistan

Actually, it a massive issue which is spinning in my mind I don`t know where to start and where to end, where to write,...
Ths shortage of water in Gawadar

The shortage of Water in Gawadar

There is no doubt that gawadar is call the city of trade and is famous about CPEC. If we glance over citizens of gawadar...
Neglected suicide

Neglected Suicide

Being successful and unsuccessful has become one of the aspects of our lives. In game according to the rules we win or lost. Similarly,...
Laptop scheme, CM of Balochistan

CM Balochistan’s Laptop Scheme 2017

The recent announcement of (10,000) laptops for Baloch students by Balochistan government is a useless step. Since there is no such direction why are...
Welcome fourteenth August

Welcome Fourteenth August

There is no need to say that fourteenth August 1947 our homeland Pakistan got freedom in fact for this day million people have lost...
The Civil Hospitals in Pakistan

The Civil Hospitals in Pakistan

There is no denying fact that the civil hospital is considered to be a free of cost hospital and government hospital but still they...
Ban of 4g in turbat

Ban Of 4G In Turbat

Recently the companies of software's opened a data which was so fast in Pakistan and given the name of 4G which only 'means' fourth generation....
Acid violence in Pakistan

Acid Violence In Pakistan

It is known fact that, Acid violence is a world-wide phenomenon, which leaves the survivor in permanent agony mostly because of disfigurement of the...
Natural Gas in Pakistan

Natural Gas In Pakistan

Pakistan is very fortunate to have large reserves of natural gas. The search for oil resulted in the discovery of gas in 1952 at...
Physical Torture on Student

Physical Torture on Student

LATTER It  is declared that physical ,emotional and mental torture destroy the creativity of a student ,Contrast in entire Pakistan physical torture is a common...

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A Positive Guy

A Positive Guy

As Noor was knows a great teacher in a private school but, first of all no pupil fascinated him, because he was a struck...
Ban of 4g in turbat

4G internet of Turbat

How many letters Article we wrote about this but no one solved out internet problem and it’s our right we don’t say give us...
You can be a Writer (Reference)

Education Poem

Give important time to education. Because education is our mission. When you will be success and you read something. You can studios everything. if you know education mean. Its...