Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Cruelty to Animals
Drug Reconciling
Wrong Number

Wrong Number

Don’t know why, but I think with all of this wondrous technology that has developed over the years – particularly within the world of...
Mand Schools without Teachers

Mand Schools Without Teachers

Mand is a major town of Kech District where thousands of people abide and there are more than 5 to 6 schools. Which had...
Successful PSL in Pakistan

Successful PSL

After successful of 2nd (PSL) Pakistan Super League, PCB has announced the 3rd editions of Pakistan Super League 2018. Due to the efforts of...
Successful PSL in Pakistan

PSL in Pakistan

The players draft for the Pakistan Super League's (PSL) third edition was held on Sunday in Lahore. A total of 501 foreign and local...
Bound minds

Bound minds

While students are being tortured in the field of education so it would be impossible to show great . consequences. However, the present condition...
Poor Education Quality

Poor Education Quality

Education sector in any country is believed to be very sensitive to be dealt with. Unfortunately, in most part of the country, government schools...
Importance of literature plays

Importance of literature

Literature plays an important role for development of any nation. It represents the culture, tradition, language and many more of the country. There are...
Nuclear Weapon and in the world

Nuclear Weapon and in the world

Nuclear weapon causes several damages to the human beings, environment and climate on a scale incomparable to any other weapons .A nuclear explosion reaches...
Girls authority

Girls Authority

Granting authority to girls in regard to their education and career is of great necessity in modern era. Unluckily, girls in most parts of...
Child marriage

Child marriage

It has become a common practice in our society to marry off young girls at the age of 13 and 14. At this age,...

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A Positive Guy

A Positive Guy

As Noor was knows a great teacher in a private school but, first of all no pupil fascinated him, because he was a struck...
Ban of 4g in turbat

4G internet of Turbat

How many letters Article we wrote about this but no one solved out internet problem and it’s our right we don’t say give us...
You can be a Writer (Reference)

Education Poem

Give important time to education. Because education is our mission. When you will be success and you read something. You can studios everything. if you know education mean. Its...