Saturday, December 16, 2017
Lake of guidance leads towards failure

Lake of Guidance Leads Towards Failure

The people that has no leadership will fall and its salvation is in much counsel. As there are thousands of students who fail the...
Health and Sports

Health and Sports

Health is one of the greater blessings of Allah the Almighty. Sports are one the brilliant ways to maintain health. A healthy people always...
Be a Self Motivator

Be a Self Motivator

A time comes when there is no one with you, no one cares about you, no one considers you any-thing but sill you have...
A strong dream

A Strong Dream

A strong dream is a concept of a journey towards success, and keeping dreams make us to think about a better future too.Furthermore, never...
A Place of Talent

Apex Amazon Magazine is playing a vital role

There is no need to say that Apex amazon magazine is a great and tremendous magazine. Which is established recently really playing an important role in...

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My Mother

My Mother

My mother is best among mothers She is the greatest among others Whenever she is near Then I have no fear Due to her my family gets gather May...
Stop cutting trees

Stop Cutting Trees

Trees are our best friends. The cutting trees have an adverse effect on the earth atmosphere. Cutting trees has been a massive issue now...
Suicide death


International, self – inflicted death is called suicide people who commit suicide suffer extreme emotional pain and distress and they are unable to solve...