Tuesday, February 20, 2018
You can be a Writer (Reference)
My Brother Poem
Studies Poem

Studies Poem

Give importance time to studies, For education is your buddy. Why? Because when you study history, You will know about many past stories. You can study geography biology, Studies...
My Mother

My Mother

My mother is best among mothers She is the greatest among others Whenever she is near Then I have no fear Due to her my family gets gather May...
My cat

My Cat Poem

I have a cat His name is that His color is black And he likes fish. He hunts and walks In my house, He is always out. To catch a mouse I...
Behind every things

Behind Every Things Poem

Behind every night there is a day.  Behind every dark there is a light. Behind every rain there is a rainbow.  Behind every black there is a...
Rain Poem

Rain Poem

Rain,Rain,Rain You are a great man, Come again we all are your fan. If you will come then the earth will be bright specially at night, you...
The Environment Poem

The Environment Poem

The stars shone in the night sky.  The moon was sitting bright and high. The Sun shone in the morning sky.   The birds were flying really...
My life

The Life Poem

 Life is everything, If you are something. Life makes you able, If you are interesting. Life is beautiful, If you are happy. Life is everything, If you are something. Life can make...
My Garden Poem

My Garden Poem

My garden has flower many more, White, red, pink, and amber Ross, Butterflies and bee come here, A beautiful garden to prepare. Need, love, water and care. In autumn...
MY  Dad Poem

MY Dad Poem

My father is my lovely Dad.     He is not very bad. He always keeps me head.   When I am very sad. He has a very...
Five little seeds make Flowers

Five little seeds Poem

Five little seeds Three will make flowers And two will make weeds Under the leavers and under the snow Little seeds are waiting to grow Out comes the sun Down...

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Ban of 4g in turbat

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You can be a Writer (Reference)

Education Poem

Give important time to education. Because education is our mission. When you will be success and you read something. You can studios everything. if you know education mean. Its...