Friday, March 2, 2018
You can be a Writer (Reference)
My Brother Poem
Poem on Teachers

Teachers (Peom)

Teachers give us the courage to achieve every race. They make us ready for all those hardships which we face. They teach us the knowledge which...
Hate Education

Hate Education

I hate Education.   It loves me. I  dislike it.   It likes me. I ignore the books.  It motivates me. I throw pens and pencils.  It  catches them. I  beat  others.  ...
My kite Poem

My kite Poem

I have a kite. It is so bright. I like it. It is so nice. It is in two colors. Which is black and white. I have a kite. It is...
My Rabbit

My Rabbit

I have a rabbit. Playing is her habit. Her name is Marry. It always drink dairy. It has a house. There is a mouse. I always cook for her. She is...
My Mommy

My Mommy

My mommy        I love my mommy, She is very beautiful. She is a helpful woman, She always helps the men and women. She loves me a lot, We both...
My failure is my success

My Failure Is My Success

My failure is my success Failure teaches me each and everything Value of time, need of working hard, giving time to study And by flowing these all...
Sunday is a holiday

Sunday Poem Sunday Morning

(Sunday Poem) Sunday is a holiday, It is the best. We don’t go to the schools, It is a rest day. Papa takes us to the bazaar, It is a fun...

Friendship Poem

Friendship is a candle in,  Which fire is burning, When friend will be angry, So it will be off like, When candle will be off, Then we again burn...
My Best friend is the best

My Best Friend Is The Best Poem

My best friend is the best She gets good marks as well, She likes to spent time in library, Oh my God she doesn't play cricket with...
My cat

My Cat

I have a cat Which is very fat It eats big rats Which is its favorite dish It likes fish The cat is fast for the race The cat name...

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