Friday, December 15, 2017
Success is in Tolerance 
Let me to Fly 
Failure my Guider

Failure my Guider

Mukhan was a failure in her life when we discuss on her the “world can make you breath you, they can head your south”...
The thirsty south

The Thirsty South

Life is the name of searching also famous story but this story is higher than a saying. Alas! If get a chance twice, I want...
Believe Opens The Success Way

Believe Opens The Success Way

Remember 1919, when an accident accord where two people died who were known the parents of a boy, named by Mahraj and with it...
Life is a journey

Life is a Journey

The day which Monday. Nasir and his cousin decided to go for shopping in bazaar. He was very much happy because after one year he...
Long Live Humanity

Long Live Humanity

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Sagheer lived in a village, wanted to get education and be an impressive doctor, he thought to...
A thirsty fish

A Thirsty Fish

Once there was a fish that was in a sea where he gets whatever he wants. He was not narrow by anything but still he...
The poor boy's struggle

The poor boy’s struggle

Once upon a time there lived two friends Ali and Ahmed. Ali was a son of rich man and Ahmed was a son of a...
A tough decision

A tough decision

As my math’s test neared I started having nightmares about it. My sister told me that I mumbled algebraic terms while sleeping! I had...
Love of mother

Love of mother

“In my life you will never get success “said sahirs mother to sahir. “Mom today I will not go to school because, our test is...

Don’t Wait Cheating

Long time ago in a small village lived two brothers named Nasir and nadil and also they were class fellows. Nasir was a great...

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My Mother

My Mother

My mother is best among mothers She is the greatest among others Whenever she is near Then I have no fear Due to her my family gets gather May...
Stop cutting trees

Stop Cutting Trees

Trees are our best friends. The cutting trees have an adverse effect on the earth atmosphere. Cutting trees has been a massive issue now...
Suicide death


International, self – inflicted death is called suicide people who commit suicide suffer extreme emotional pain and distress and they are unable to solve...