Sunday, January 14, 2018
Always be motivated

Always Be Motivated

Mum! I have done my homework, my teacher always praises me that I am a talented student and sharp among the other students in...
A memorable day

A Memorable Day

Once I was sitting in park with my two friends Badr and Dua. We came in park for enjoyment so we were talking, laughing...
Real Happiness Lies in Good Deeds

Real Happiness Lies in Good Deeds

Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful and kind-hearted princess, namely Sahira. Her blackish hair, whitish face and roundish eyes turned her...
Can education give us everything

Can Education Give Us Everything?

While last night I was doing my assignment, I remembered the words of my beloved teacher (Monis Ali Baloch) "does education give us everything?"...
Fake medicines killing generation

Fake Medicines Killing Generation

"Mom! I am not feeling well today, I cannot go to school" said by Naheem. "Dear son what happened to you" asked by mom....
earthQuake Story

An Earthquake

Tomorrow is Sunday. I can take a rest and do whatever I want, the homework of the school I will do them tomorrow I...

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Failure The Corner To Success

Failure The Corner To Success

Everyone is running behind success, success, success but on the way when hardships are seen so they do quit. I had observed most among...
Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking

According to the U.S Surgeon General's report, ninety percent of people become smokers and drinkers by the age of eighteen. I have noticed that...
Shortage of Well Qualified Teachers

Shortage of Well Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the most important people for the society in every sector. They give guidelines to the student for their coming future as well...