Friday, March 2, 2018
Wisdom of King
The Love of a mother

The Love of a mother

Once a boy named Yahya was living in a small village with his mother and siblings. He was an idle young boy aged 23 his...
Cruel stepmother

Cruel stepmother

Once upon a time, there lived a family in peace. In sudden, destruction came in their lives as Shazia's mother passed away in case...
Father’s Sacrifice is always Remarkable

Father’s Sacrifice is always Remarkable

In a village, there lived a boy named Arman with his father. They both were very kind, loved and cared each other. They were...
An unforgettable day

An Unforgettable day

Awais come upstairs, we have seen the crescents of Eid-al-Adha while I reached upstairs my siblings were hugging each other and I heard the...
Never give up

Never Give Up

  Ones a time a boy was living in a small city named Rajid and he was so much interested to go for higher...
Appreciate yourself

Appreciate Yourself

I was fuming when I listen Sara's name in the stage. Sara is one of my topper classmates. I didn't listen my name in...
You can be writer

You Can Be a Writer

Waseem was the dullest student in his class. He always thought that life is too much difficult for me to live it happily...
Always be motivated

Always Be Motivated

Mum! I have done my homework, my teacher always praises me that I am a talented student and sharp among the other students in...
A memorable day

A Memorable Day

Once I was sitting in park with my two friends Badr and Dua. We came in park for enjoyment so we were talking, laughing...
Real Happiness Lies in Good Deeds

Real Happiness Lies in Good Deeds

Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful and kind-hearted princess, namely Sahira. Her blackish hair, whitish face and roundish eyes turned her...

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Wisdom of King

Wisdom of King

In notion time Afghanistan was a peaceful country. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul was the heart a please for export. That time people...