Friday, March 2, 2018
Wisdom of King
Can education give us everything

Can Education Give Us Everything?

While last night I was doing my assignment, I remembered the words of my beloved teacher (Monis Ali Baloch) "does education give us everything?"...
Fake medicines killing generation

Fake Medicines Killing Generation

"Mom! I am not feeling well today, I cannot go to school" said by Naheem. "Dear son what happened to you" asked by mom....
earthQuake Story

An Earthquake

Tomorrow is Sunday. I can take a rest and do whatever I want, the homework of the school I will do them tomorrow I...

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Child Labour

Child Labour

 Children are the future of any nation to lead the nation towards peace and advancement. It hearts to mentioned that children are working day...
Beauty and the beast Book Review

Beauty and the Beast Book Review

This is the review of the book named “Beauty and the beast.” It is written by Madame le prince de Beaumont. She was born...
Wisdom of King

Wisdom of King

In notion time Afghanistan was a peaceful country. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul was the heart a please for export. That time people...